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Sexy Bridal Photography Session | Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Courtney & Nick

A Sexy Styled Bridal Beach Wedding Photography Session

I couldn't think of a better way to start off my new wedding blog then with this inspiring sexy beach bridal photography session.

I first met Courtney and Nick when a past client referred them to me for an in-home maternity photography session. The three of us instantly connected. We all had so much fun creating images together. Courtney loves Pinterest and would always bring so much inspiration to our session together. Not just with her maternity photography session but also later when I came to her home again for a lifestyle newborn photography session with her adorable son, Wyland.

As a couple, Courtney and Nick are laid back, open, and so obviously in love. When I was looking for a couple to join me in Rockaway Beach, Oregon for a special wedding photography session they were the first to come to mind. I was so excited when I called Courtney to ask her and Nick to join me and share with her all of my ideas, and I was only more excited to find out they were in!

We started planning for our sexy bridal beach photography session. We started with an over all concept, locations, discussions around clothing selection, and the icing on the cake? Beautiful hair and makeup by Courtney herself. With ourselves armed and ready we hit the beach.

I was so excited that it turned out to be such a beautiful day on the Oregon coast. In early spring you never quite know what it is going to be like. And oh the clouds! I am so thankful that on the Oregon coast (and in Portland where I live) we are blessed with so many beautiful cloudy days. Not only is it my absolutely favorite type of light but it makes a great background for a portrait.

What the Couple Had to Say

Reviews are always important to small businesses like mine. I was excited when I saw not only did Country take the time review but also Nick! It's great to also get the guys perspective. This is what Courtney had to say in her review on Facebook:

"I found Cambrae by admiring a friends photos, no kidding, year after year. Her style is unique and natural, not predictable- she is an Artist. Not only is she an amazingly skilled, trained, and talented photographer but she's down to earth and so friendly. I knew I had to book with her! So we did!!! We have since used her for or Maternity, Newborn, 1 year, and Holiday Family pictures. She has become our life photographer!!! In every scenario, and let me tell you, they've been interesting, she has seen the beauty and art that is our family and truly captured it for years to come. We look forward to many more years of great photos and memories made with Cambrae!!!

Thank you Photography by Cambrae."

What Nick has to say about us on Yelp:

"This chick is an amazing photographer! We have used her for pre baby, newborn and 15 month / family photos... also had a steamy 2nd wedding photo shoot done, WOW! They always turn out better then expected! She's very fun and has lots of input. My Wife is always so thrilled with the outcome of the photos. And these photos mean A LOT to her. These are our memories! Thank you Photography by Cambrae for always capturing the best side of our family! Cheers and many more pics to come!"

And I too LOVE what we created! I am so proud of this bridal session! And for these two people. Seeing them come together, being strong, beautiful and connected was wonderful to be a part of and to capture.

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