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Outdoor Camping Wedding at Neal Creek Resort | Scio, Oregon

Sion & Jesse

A Quite Moment at Sunset

Through good fortune I met Sion a number of years ago at a sushi dinner set up by a mutual acquaintance. We hit it off right away and today she is one of my dearest friends. Sion had only met Jesse shortly before we became friends but seeing them together you would have guessed they had known each other for much longer. When I got the opportunity to meet Jesse, I could quickly see how his kind but manly demeanor was a perfect fit for Sion's sassy sweetness.

I was lucky enough to be among the group of friends that was present for Jesse's proposal to Sion. Like many proposals, after a day of failed attempts around the celebration of her birthday, a group of us found ourselves together in their SE Portland home. I remember Jesse showing me the ring in his pocket and saying it was going to happen now. I myself had no idea he was planning things for that day and was so excited to see this happen. Of course she said YES and we spent the rest of the night celebrating.

On their wedding day they were surrounded by friends and family who came to camp out, party, and watch these two say I do. And what a party is was! I think their wedding invitation describes the reception events best as..."whistle-wetting, rug-cutting, and general shenanigans". All to the live music of an amazing Irish band.

It is hard to spend significant time with all of your guests at a wedding since all of the people you love so much are in the same place. So I felt lucky to be able to steal Sion and Jesse for a few moments to drive their Jeep up a big hill and take some sunset wedding portraits. Not only did it give me a little time to spend with them on their wedding day, but it also allowed me to share my passion for photography with them. I am honored to be their wedding photographer just for this special moment.

The results are quintessential them and I love it!

Watching these two over the past years has been a great joy. They have both grown so much in their relationship, their careers and their friendships. I am honored they call me friend.

Venue: Neal Creek Resort

Dress: Made by the Bride's Mother

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