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Cherry Blossom Engagement Photography Session at Tom McCall Waterfront Park | Portland, Oregon

Amanda & Dan

Love and Cherry Blossoms in Bloom at Waterfront Park

I was lucky to meet Amanda and Dan at Carver Event Center's Spring Open House! Open houses are always great opportunities for couples and wedding vendors to connect. It was a pleasure to be their Portland engagement photographer on our visit to capture the cherry blossoms at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

The cherry blossoms on the waterfront are truly a sight to see, but don't blink or you might miss it. All Portlanders know this beauty is short lived and as soon as you hear people talking about it you better go. According to Embrace Someplace, the cherry trees were a gift from the Japanese Grain Importers Association in 1990, they also have a great Portland Cherry Blossom Tracker you can check out. We were lucky to just caught the tail end of this years bloom.

The pandemic has made wedding planning, well any planning difficult. I asked Amanda what it has been like to start wedding planning during a pandemic. She said they were taking things one step at a time. They both hope by the time their wedding comes, that things will be a little different and more safe to celebrate with all of their loved ones.

Amanda and Dan met through mutual friends at their local dive bar, so you know, the old fashioned way. Amanda admitted she was smitten with Dan right away. It's easy to see now the feeling is mutual.

I asked them what their favorite memory together was, Amanda shared about their love for seeing live music together. One particularly favorite time was going to the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Gorge, "It was a great weekend full of wonderful music and fantastic views" she said.

Of course, I always like to ask about the proposal story! Dan proposed on Christmas morning in front of Amanda's immediate family. It was such a shock! Amanda had no idea how Dan was able to keep his plan a secret.

Dan and Amanda are most excited to have a wedding day where they can celebrate with friends and family. While COVID-19 continues to make wedding planning an adventure, I think with the vaccine we are all optimistic, that very soon we will all be celebrating like it was "2019"!

Engagement Photography Session Location: Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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May 17, 2021

Love these pictures! Amanda and Dan look like they are having a good time. Though the Cherry Trees are beautiful, I love the pictures on and beside the bridge!

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