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Essential Worker, Postponed Wedding, Positive for COVID - One Couples Story

Sable & Denton

One Couples Story about Life, Wedding Planning,

and Living with COVID-19

I first met Sable and Denton at the Portland Bridal Show as they were preparing for their wedding at Camas Meadows Golf Club. I was so excited to be the photographer for their engagement portrait session in historic old town Sherwood, Oregon. But a lot has happened along the way!

2020 has been a beast and it's not done with us yet.

Sable and Denton have been effected this year in many ways. First, of course COVID-19 happened. Sable is nurse and found herself on the front-lines of a pandemic as an essential worker. Secondly, these two had to make the hard decision of having to postpone their May wedding as gathering became canceled or limited. Lastly, Sable became infected with Coronavirus.

I asked Denton and Sable if they would mind sharing more about their experience with this year. Their answers are open, heart felt, and some of them might surprise you.

Sable, what has life been like as an essential worker during COVID-19?

"Life has been very unpredictable. As a nurse at a hospital, I never imagined being on the front-lines of a pandemic. I go to work every morning hoping for two things: that I keep my patients safe, and that I come home safe at the end of the day. There’s a lot of sad and scary moments during my shifts, but I try to remember the good and uplifting moments. Our hospital plays music overhead when a baby is born, and also when a Covid-19 patient is discharged home. When the music plays, I try to pause what I’m doing and take in those moments of happiness. It’s those moments that help get me through the day."

What can people do to help support or protect essential workers like you?

"Two simple things: wash your hands and wear a mask. I know it’s difficult to keep your face covered all day - trust me, it sucks and I hate it. But this is not forever and these two things will truly save lives during this pandemic. Also, if you know an essential worker, a simple “hi” or a wave really helps brighten our day. Especially during these times when human interaction is from a distance, it’s the little things that really help us stay positive."

Sable, what was it like being diagnosed with COVID-19?

"When I started getting symptoms, I was terrified. I knew I needed to get tested as soon as possible. The scariest day was when I got the phone call. I’ll never forget the voice on the phone saying, “We got your results and you did test positive.” I felt this instant heaviness come over me and I just started crying. I just kept thinking “please don’t let me die.”

Denton, what was it like finding out Sable had COVID-19?

"It was scary for me. I was really worried about her and it was really difficult not being able to be with her. I made food for her and had to leave it at the bottom of the stairs for her to come get. I couldn’t hold her when I heard her continuous coughing from upstairs. Our dog, Kombi, cried at the bottom of our stairs and even broke through the barrier a couple times because he missed her so much. I was going crazy worrying about her, but our phone calls to each other throughout the day helped a lot. I’m so glad we both made it through that difficult time."

Anything else you want to share about having COVID-19?

"I’ve been taking care of patients with Covid-19 for months now. Before I had Covid-19, I couldn’t imagine how my patients felt while fighting the virus. But then when I had it, I understood the fear, the pain, and the struggle. Being sick for three weeks with Covid-19 was indescribable misery. Not only was I physically deteriorating, but I had to be quarantined in my upstairs bedroom away from my fiancé and my grandma. I felt like Repunzel, staring out my window every day, watching the day go by, and hoping that today would be the day that I get better. Thankfully, I did get better and returned to work as a nurse who can truly relate to what my patients are going through."

Are there are charities or groups you have been helping or would like to call attention to during this time?

"The elderly population is a particularly vulnerable group during this pandemic. As a caregiver for my grandma, I’ve seen the toll it’s taken on her not being able to leave her home or interact with other people. If you have elderly family members or friends, being there for them is the best thing you can do. Go grocery shopping for them, help them with their gardening or cooking, or even just a front porch chat with them is super helpful."

How has COVID-19 effected you two and your day to day life?

"We are definitely stronger together. We’re navigating this uncertain time with a positive attitude. We know now, more than ever, that things don’t always go according to plan, and that’s ok."

What was it like having to postpone your wedding?

"At first, it was heartbreaking. We’ve been planning this special day for almost a year and we we’re really disappointed. Our wedding has been postponed twice now. First by one month, then by another year. Our vendors and everyone involved in our wedding have been so accommodating and we are so grateful for that. Know we see it as just having an extra year to plan and invite more friends to our fun day."

As the world has been shut down, what have you two been doing together?

"We’ve been doing a lot of home improvement projects together on our first home. Who knew mixing and pouring cement for our backyard path would be so much fun, and such good exercise. I’ve been teaching myself how to bake and Denton has been perfecting his homemade pizza making skills. Lastly, we love playing outside with our little dog, Kombi."

I had such a wonderful experience working with and getting to know Sable and Denton. As a couple they have such a sweet openness to them and it is a lovely thing to be around. And I really appreciate them opening up their lives and sharing their story with all of us. After all we are all in this together.

Sable was kind enough to leave reviews about working with me on The Knot and Facebook, this is what she had to say:

"We loved Cambrae! She was very professional and patient with us, as well as personable. We had so much fun with her. She researched some locations prior to our session, and even called ahead of time to make sure we could have access to certain spots. She guided us through poses when we were unsure and she made it feel very comfortable. Cambrae has a very creative eye and had so many ideas for us on the spot. Lastly, she made us laugh and have a very memorable session."

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08. Okt. 2020

What an amazing health care POV and from someone who got it to share the experience was a great read! Amazing photos and I am so glad the couple is doing better!

Gefällt mir

08. Okt. 2020

Lovely photos, and a touching story!

Gefällt mir

08. Okt. 2020

Beautiful couple and story! Thanks for sharing their journey!

Gefällt mir
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