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Fall Engagement Photography Session at Hoyt Arboretum | Portland, Oregon

Dominic & Anne

"I Would Marry Him, Just Us, in the Forest"

I was so excited to be the Portland engagement photographer that Dominic & Annie choose for their fall engagement photos at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, OR.

Dominic and Anne met on Hinge, it is the app designed to be deleted after all. They met in real life on July 4th, it wasn’t planned, it just happened to be a good day to meet up. But they did have a little taste of Americana, as they grabbed ice cream at Salt and Straw, and headed to the Rose Gardens and Washington Park for a walk. From there, the walk just kept going, neither one of them wanted the date to end, so they went for dinner at McMenamins. So many of my couples tell me how their first date turned into a day, must be the sign of real love blossoming.

Dominic had unofficially been proposing for a month, but still wanted to do a something with the ring. But he also wanted her to be his fiancé ASAP. One day at the house, he asked more officially and she said yes….funny thing was he didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day. When telling their family about the engagement, Dominic commented he should have gotten her a ring pop or something. Guess what Anne just happen to have? A ring Pop! She delivered it to him and he dropped to one knee. I love how romantic they are without even trying.

The ring, from MiaDonna, is just as unique as these two, with a white gold band and a green moissanite stone. More often I am seeing couples break away from the traditional diamond engagement ring.

I asked them both a few questions about each other and the upcoming wedding. This is what they said.

What's one thing that drew you to your significant other?

- Dominic said "Anne is a bright soul and very compassionate and lights life up - all of which makes her just a wonderful person to be with."

- Anne said "Dominic has a brilliant personality and always makes me laugh. The way he genuinely cares about things and isn't afraid to be a little silly with me makes everything brighter. From the day we first met I've wanted to spend even more time with him."

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

Being with everyone to celebrate

What's one thing you're looking forward to in your life-after-marriage?

Honestly, just continuing to spend time together (and with the cat).

It's always so appreciated when couples take time to leave a review after we capture their engagement photos. Reviews are a great resource for newly engaged couples on the search for an engagement or wedding photographer. Dominic and Anne left this 5-star review on Google, after I took their engagement photos:

"Cambrae did a fantastic job making our woodland dream a reality for our engagement photos. We had a great time doing the shoot and the pictures turn out great. Definitely looking forward to the wedding pictures and would highly recommend to anyone!"

Dominic and Anne purchased a beautiful metal print of their favorite image. Wall art like this is not only great for your home, but you can use it at your wedding for decor on your gift or cake table. I can't wait for their wedding!

Engagement Photography Location - Hoyt Arboretum

Engagement Ring - MiaDonna

Looking for a fun Portland engagement photographer?

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