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How to Pop the Question | 7 Tips for a Perfect Marriage Proposal

Popping the Question

Tips to Make Your Marriage Proposal Go Smoothly

You have been lucky enough to find that special person that makes your heart flutter, supports you and that you can truly be yourself with, and now you want to propose. How exciting!

Besides feelings of excitement proposing can be scary because you want this to be a special moment for you and your fiancé-to-be. But have no fear, these tips will get you on the right path for a smooth and memorable proposal.

1. Get the Ring

Whether you are using a family heirloom or buying something new, planning head with the engagement ring is always a good idea.

For a family heirloom you will want time to ask for and retrieve it from your, or their side of the family. It's also a great idea to get it cleaned before the big moment, especially if it has been in storage for an extended period of time. Sizing can always be done later.

For new rings, depending on your choices, the jeweler may need some time for ordering, setting and sizing. Before you plan the proposal make sure you know how long it will take to get the ring in hand.

Need their ring size? If they wear other rings, a good trick is to push one into a bar of soap to get the outline and take that to the jeweler with you.

2. Decide If and How Family or Friends Will Be Included

If you are looking to go the traditional route, speak to your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents when you start ring shopping. It's a good time to let them in on the secret and get their blessing.

Friends and family might also play a roll in preparing for the proposal, by setting anything up, or being part of the cover story. Also some proposers choose to plan a dinner or gathering for after they propose, so the couple can go celebrate this special moment with the people they love.

But be careful how many people you tell so the wedding proposal stays a surprise.

3. Capture the Moment

Prepare for how you will capture the moment. Of course my first suggestion, and your best option, is to hire a professional photographer, like ME! Not only will I capture this once in a lifetime moment, but I can help you plan and prepare for popping the question.

If hiring a pro isn't an opinion, ask a friend to help capture the moment as long as it doesn't ruin the surprise, or set your phone down and leave the video on. Either way make sure your phone is fully charged and ready for some fun engagement selfies after they say "YES!"

4. Pick a Location

I always start by recommending a location that already has sentimental value to the two of you. Maybe it's where you went for your first date, a place you go regularly, a place you have a special memory, when the location already holds value to you it just makes this moment that much more special.

New locations can be fun too and sometimes easier to surprise your partner as they might not expect it to happen there. When you work with me to plan your proposal I can suggest a lot of great Portland and beyond locations to propose.

Another great thing to consider is how public or busy the location is, and at what times of day. If your partner is on the shyer side, or just prefers to keep things private they may not want an audience for this moment. Plus you can't control the public so it leaves a few extra things up to chance.

Consider visiting the location the week before if possible. Make a mental plan of where you'd like to park, how you'd like to enter, what you might like to do before you ask, and finally, the spot you plan to propose. Also plan a backup spot, especially if you are doing it at a public location where they could be people in the place you planned on the day of the actually proposal.

5. Practice/Think about what you'll say

While you don't have to memorize it or write it all down, but even taking some dedicated time to think about what you might want to say will help you feel more prepared. Even writing some bullet points down, or sticking them in your pocket can help if you get a case of nerves. Think about how you want to express your love for them and why you want to take this next step together.

6. Propose

You have done all the prep, now it is time to do the thing, ask that special person to marry you! By now you are going in with a well laid plan, but don't stress if things don't go perfectly according to plan. Stay flexible, you'll be dealing with someone who has no idea what's about to happen and sometimes that can change things. Lastly, don't rush it, take a breathe and take the time to really enjoy this moment.

7. Enjoy it!

Plan something for after you propose marriage so you can celebrate it right away. Share the news with family and friends. Wait at least a month or two before you start wedding planning, just enjoy being engaged and starting this next chapter of your lives together.

Planning to propose to your sweetheart?

Contact me now to plan and schedule your photography session.


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