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McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce | February Greeters | Oregon

McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce Feb. Greeters

Networking Meeting

It was excited to be invited to attend the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce's monthly "Greeters". Greeters is a networking meeting for businesses operating or doing business in McMinnville, OR. Of course, being the Portland wedding photographer that I am, I had to bring along my camera to snap a few photos.

This was my first in-person networking meeting since COVID started. The pandemic has made me realize even more how much I love networking meetings. For someone who often works alone, getting to share ideas and information with other business owners is always beneficial. Plus the fun locations, mingling and often an adult beverage or two, don't hurt either.

(Pictured Helen Anderson - HelloCare (top left), Becky Simpson - Serendipity Ice Cream (upper right), James Tate - NW Food & Gifts (bottom left), Carmen Banke - See Ya Later (bottom middle), Beto Reyes - MV Advancements (lower right))

According to their website, the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce is more than 100 years old. Even, older really if you consider the organization before the filing for Non-for-Profit status in 1915. Since them, the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce has been a 501c6 nonprofit working for the good of business in their community.

I was invited by Jan, from The Grand McMinnville, where I am a preferred vendor. They Were kind enough to open their doors and be the host for this months meeting. The Grand McMinnville have been doing some beautiful remodeling and I was excited to see the changes and grab a few images for their updated Venue Visit feature.

Everyone who attended was treated to yummy goodies from local Harvest Fresh Grocery & Deli. Including cookies, assorted pastries, fresh fruit and of course, no morning meeting could be! I thought the croissant were delicious!

The meeting started with introductions. Each business got a chance to get on the mic and introduce themselves and give their elevator pitch. What's an elevator pitch? It is a brief overview of what your business does and who it does it for, in just a few sentences. A little more then your tag line but that can be part of it too. It's great for introducing yourself to people in networking situations and new clients or customers.

Next, businesses owners were able to share any upcoming events, sales, positions or changes for their business. I was super excited to find out Serendipity Ice Cream just added an ice cream cart that can be rented for weddings and events. They are such a fun ice cream shop, I highly recommend stopping by anytime you are in McMinnville. They also held a raffle, businesses could enter their business card to be drawn for just $1. Prizes included a fruit basket, wine and beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers.

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