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Oregon Coast Engagement Photography Session | Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Denny & Joey

I was lucky enough to meet Denny & Joey on a fun photography retreat at Rockaway Beach, OR. It was so much fun to get to be their Oregon coast engagement session photographer.

This was my first time at Rockaway Beach and it is such a gem. Their city website says it's seven miles of sandy shores is why it is such a popular Oregon coast vacation destination. Some other fun facts about the city include the invention of the Pronto Pup by George and Versa Boyington in the late 1930s and Rockaway Beach's 45-acre Old-Growth Cedar Wetlands Preserve contains one of Oregon's biggest trees.

It was fun to work with Denny and Joey prior to their wedding. They were both so easy going and you could easily see the connection the two of them have. Whenever couples are able to just relax and be themselves that is when magic can happen. I always say the best thing they can wear to their engagement session is confidence!

Denny and Joey also brought along their little Dog! I always welcome pets at any portrait session. They are such a huge part of our families and it's great to include them. But it never hurts to bring along a few treats or a favorite toy just in case your furry family member needs a little coaxing.

We were lucky to stay right by the Twin Rocks. They are such a beautiful addition to the landscape. You know the rocks are large but to look at them it's hard to truly understand the scale. According to the city website, the pinnacle is 88' high and the hole is 35' across. They said you can actually fly a helicopter between the two formations.

And I am excited to say Denney and Joey just celebrated 4 years of marriage! I send you both the best wishes for many more happy years together!

Their boutonnieres and their Dog's floral necklace were provided by Bramble Floral Design.

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