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Summer Wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens | Oregon City, Oregon

Lisa & David

Team Livid Unites by Saying "I Do"!

I was so excited to be the Portland wedding photographer that Lisa and David choose for their summer wedding at Ainsworth House and Gardens. I first met Lisa through her good friend Paige, whose wedding I also photographed.

Lisa and David met as so many couples do these days, online. Lisa said she had tried online dating without much success. In 2019 she decided to give the online dating thing one more try, and man did it pay off!

Lisa said when she first saw David's status she was intrigued. He spoke about supporting one another, team work and being independent while supporting each other to be their best selves.

After their first date, Lisa took off for a 2 week vacation. David had such a wonderful time on the date, that he couldn't wait for her return to reach out via text. This of course, made Lisa smile and they have been making each other smile ever since.

One day worthy of big smiles was the day David proposed. The ring had long been purchased, but they had been in COVID precautions for several months already and Lisa was getting worried, the longer they postponed getting engaged; the longer they would have to wait to get married. Sudden a hiking date was added to their shared calendar. While David thought he was being slick and she didn't have a clue, Lisa had an inkling that something was a foot.

Once they arrived for the hike, David lead her on a long loop around the trail, hoping to distract her with a hard climb up the hill. And it worked, Lisa's suspicions were soon forgotten as she focused on the climb.

When they got to the lookout, David got his camera out to take a photo of them with the beautiful scenery. Of course, this gave him the perfect opportunity to surprise Lisa while she was looking out over the river. When she turned back around David was on one knee proposing. Lisa was so shocked and surprised! She started crying and David said, "So is that a yes?". Lisa said, "YES!!!".

When I asked Lisa and David if they had a hashtag for their wedding, they replied with "#teamlivid"! While I was peeking around their wedding website on The Knot, I found the story behind the hashtag.

Livid or Team Livid - What Does It Mean?

Sometimes couples are referred to with conjoined names such as; Brad + Angelina= Brangelina, Ben + Jennifer= Bennifer, Tom + Katie= TomKat and then.......

Lisa + David= Livid Lisa and David say they are many things, but LIVID is not one of them. Hence the irony.

On the day of the wedding it was easy to see the bond this couple has, from their vows in front of all their family and friends, to the private moments I captured of just the two of the them. It was really a day to remember. GO TEAM LIVID!

Lisa and David's wedding photography package came with a beautiful custom designed wedding album. Lisa and David choose their favorite wedding day portrait for the cover.

They also decided to order this panoramic wood framed family portrait to enjoy walking by every day.


Bride's Wedding Ring - Malka

Groom's Wedding Ring - Alchemy / Designer Todd Reed

Bride's Wedding Dress - David's Bridal

Bride's Wedding Shoes - Macy's / Betsy Johnson

Groom's Suite - Duchess Clothier

Bride's Wedding Day Jewelry - Macy's

Wedding Planner/Coordinator - Tracy from Ainsworth House & Gardens

Stationery for Ceremony Programs - Zazzle

Florist - Flowers for You

Officiant - Friend - Joe Barret

Cake/Dessert Baker - DB Dessert Company

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Jan 29, 2022

What beautiful pictures! I love all the trees, especially the big one that they got married under.

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