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Summer Wedding at Vineyard View Celebrations at La Bastide | Scotts Mills, Oregon

Jassmin & Justyn

A Rainy Wedding Day Brings Luck to This Couple

I was very excited to be the Portland wedding photographer that Jassmin & Justyn choose for their vineyard wedding at Vineyard View Celebrations at La Bastide in Silverton, OR.

The couple met through mutual friends and family. Jassmin's best friend has known Justyn for a long time as she was dating his cousin. One day, she showed Jassmin his picture, and she remembers saying "oh I'd have his babies", as she was sitting with a bunch of his family. When the feeling was mutual they connected them just when Justyn was getting out of the marines. The two spent a lot of time hitting the river, having fun and just enjoying the summer together.

The proposal took them to Lincoln City for Jassmin's birthday, which is also where Justyn asked her out at. They had invited a bunch of friends to come along for the weekend, and to secretly help with the proposal, including a surprise visit from her brother. Justyn was so worried the secret was already out because Jassmin had unpacked their bags in the hotel room, but luckily she missed the ring entirely. Everyone wanted to go to the beach but Jassmin wasn't having it, she wanted to go the next day because the weather was supposed to be nicer. She didn't understand why everyone was pushing to go so badly. Once at the beach when she thought Justyn was tying his shoe he popped the questions, and of course she said yes!

This summer, reminds me of summers growing up in Oregon, where you had to have a rain plan even in July. And that was the case on this day in June, when the clouds covered the sky and the rain was in full force. However, we all know knots tied in the rain and strong ones and bring you good look for your coming marriage.

Sadly, when people get married not everyone we want to be their can be, but we find ways to honor them and allow their presence to be part of the day. Just after getting ready Jassmin's sister presented her with a small pink bag containing a vial of their fathers ashes. The tears came quickly and the sisters shared a comforting embrace before affixing his ashes to her bouquet. I thought it was a beautiful way for her to carry him with her throughout the day.

Jassmin and Justyn choose not to see each other before the wedding so their friends and family could be present for their first look moment. However, they still wanted to keep their personal vows as a private moment, so they choose to meet for a first touch just before the ceremony. The engaged couple met with a door between them to hold hands and pass each other their personally written vows. It was a tender moment to be part of.

Instead of a flower girl, the couple opted for their friend to step in as the flower man. The guests broke out in laughter, as he put on quite the show as he came down the isle dispensing rose petals from his traditional little basket.

Justyn's sister stepped in to play the role of officiant, she was so nervous before hand but she did such an amazing job. At one moment during the ceremony she began to tear up and the couple both reached out simultaneously and wiped the tears from her face, it was a truly sweet moment.

The bride's bouquet and the grooms boutonniere were designed by Here Comes the Bloom. They included thistle, eucalyptus, tweedia, roses, wax flower, feverfew, delphinium, carnations, snapdragons and billy balls. It was a beautiful combination.

One tip I always give to brides, is that it's often easier when using the bathroom to go backwards over the toilet when you are in a wedding dress, so when Jassmin specially requested a photo of this happening (below right) with her girlfriend I was totally game! We all cracked up laughing while creating the image.

The toasts were filled with memories and wishes for the couple, but especially funny moment was when Jasmmin's sister talked her into making her famous turkey noise,

as someone who also prides themselves on having a pretty good turkey impression, I must say she killed it. Plus, she doesn't do that for just anyone so we can count ourselves in a special group.

The married couple choose one of my favorite shops for their wedding day desserts, Fat Cupcake! Their cupcakes includes Daisy Hayes (vanilla cake, strawberry mousse filling, vanilla buttercream), Goody Gracious (chocolate cake, whipped cream cheese peanut butter frosting, chocolate chip cookie crumbles, chocolate ganache), Lemon Doodle (vanilla cake, sugar cookie baked on top, lemon buttercream), Suit & Tie (marble cake, sea salt baked on top, caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle), Intern (chocolate cake, latte mousse filling, vanilla buttercream, Nutella and caramel drizzle) and to top it all off a custom 6 inch cake for them to cut. YUM!!

After the wedding day, the newlyweds, took a mini honeymoon to the Oregon Coast, staying in the town of Newport.

Jassmin was thoughtful enough to leave a 5-star review on The Knot about having me as her wedding photographer, this is what she said:

"Cambrae was absolutely amazing to work with! From our first meet I could feel the personality was a perfect fit for my day! My group was a struggle and she took charge and got the most amazing pictures I could have asked for!"


Officiant - Groom's Step Father

Caterer - Zon Bevens

Cake / Dessert Baker - Fat Cupcake

Photo Booth - DJ Fun Squad

Bride's Wedding Dress - Crown Bridal / Designer Morilee Madeline Gardner

Bridal Hair Piece - Amazon

Bride's Wedding Shoes - Trend Shoes

Bridesmaid's Dresses - David's Bridal

Bride and Bridesmaid's Wedding Day Jewelry- Amazon

Groom and Groomsmen's Attire - Mens Warehouse

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