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Wedding Florist - Songbird Floristry | Beaverton, Oregon

Wedding Florist - Grower & Designer

Est. 2009

I was the Portland wedding photographer for Rushi and Ankekit's spring Indian wedding and that's when I was first introduced to Songbird Floristry. I was so impressed by their work, that I asked Robyn, their owner, farmer, and florist, to share some insights with all of us!

What do you love about being a wedding florist?

It's a perfect balance of creativity, service, joy, and entrepreneurial challenge. I love sharing the beauty of flowers with others, and it's especially thrilling to do so on the momentous occasion of a wedding.

How would you describe your floral design style?

Farm to vase. We're a 3-acre flower farm and grow many of the flowers that we use in our wedding designs during growing season.

What is your favorite up and coming trendy wedding flower?

Marigold? There are so many to love. I enjoy designing in a variety of color palates - airy and romantic, bright and vibrant, dark and moody and anywhere in between. The bright color and large ruffly bloom of the marigold is really fun to work with and I'm seeing it grown more often by other local growers, and of course here on the farm.

What is your personal favorite flower?

Dahlias. They're versatile, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and bloom prolifically from mid-July till first frost in fall. They do not ship well, which makes them all the more special as a locally-grown treasure.

Flower foam.....why are people worried about it?

It's not great for the environment, but it is a reliable medium that enables many popular design shapes with days of hydration. We're working to move away from floral foam, but still have some offerings that rely on it. If you want a foam-free event, please talk to us and we will help you build a plan without foam.

Fun and colorful spring Indian wedding held at Abernethy Center.

What is one piece of advice you would give to engaged couples when it comes to choosing a florist for their wedding day?

Choose someone that you feel like you can trust with the details so that you can check "florist" off your wedding list and enjoy your engagement.

What would you recommend couples do with their flowers the day after the wedding?

Share them with your wedding guests! We include containers in almost every piece that we offer so you have the option to give away your flowers at the end of the wedding or event. Just ask your wedding DJ to make an announcement to your guests so they know they can take flowers home.

Anything else you want share?

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place for growing flowers and we have an abundance of unique and beautiful blooms and foliage to design with here. We really encourage everyone to be open to locally grown and seasonally available blooms to maximize the quality and beauty of their wedding flowers.

Looking for a female wedding photographer?

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