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Winter Snow Engagement Photography Session on Mt. Hood | Government Camp, Oregon

Cambrie & Stephen

An Adventure Engagement Photography Session

I was so excited to be the Portland engagement photographer that Cambrie & Stephen choose for their snowy winter engagement photography session in the Mt. Hood Nation Forest in Government Camp, OR. When Cambrie and Stephen saw my name, as they were searched on The Knot for a wedding photographer, they knew it was meant to be!

Cambrie & Stephen met online, thank you Tinder! For their first date they went to see an EDM DJ duo. Ever since then, they've been having fun reliving that night by catching them on tour whenever they can.

I have to say these two have a pretty fun proposal story. It all start with Stephen deciding he is going to propose at the Oregon coast with a group of their friends. Stephen calls Cambrie’s boss and secretly arranges for her to get the day off from work. Then he invites his brother, who is also a photographer, from North Carolina to be there and capture the action, along with a number of their friends from California.

He planned the proposal to happen during a hike on the Elks Flat Trail near Manzanita, Oregon. The night before the proposal, Cambrie decides she is going to take a dance class the next day. Stephen was like, nooo! He called the studio and tried to get them to send her an email saying it was canceled but they won’t play ball. So he put his IT brain to use and made up an email to look like it was from the dance class canceling the next day. In fact, she was sitting next to him when turned to him sadly and said, “Aww they canceled dance class.”

Stephen’s brother had been very admit they leave for the day by 10am, so the next morning when he suddenly had a bunch of stops to make Cambrie was confused. Little did she know, they were trying to buy time while all of her friends arrived. One of them even faked being car sick so they had to pull over for a while. It all worked out in the end and they arrived just as her other friends did.

She was soooo surprised! After the proposal, they popped some bottles and beers and went out to lunch. Then a second round of stalling began, as some of the friends raced back to set up and decorate their apartment for a surprise engagement party. What an awesome group of friends and a great story!

I am a native Portlander, so of course, I know I have no business driving in the snow. But I still love to venture out and take fun winter-time photographs in it. When Cambire and Stephen said they wanted to do their engagement photos on Mt. Hood and in the snow, I was in! But only if they drove, haha. So we met up in Gresham, and then headed up the mountain.

I was excited to be joined in the backseat by their adorable dog Riley. At a year old, Riley was ready with tons of energy and love to give. He is a German Shepard mix rescue from The Heart of Rescue (THOR).

When I asked what silly things he does or if they had any funny stories about him, they said, Riley whines at Auri (their kitty) to play and likes to lick her head. They said Riley is VERY dramatic, and will often sigh loudly or flop himself down on the couch if he’s not getting enough attention. Beside knowing sit, high five, paw, down, and sometimes stay/wait, he also taught himself how to open doors. But his big claim to fame, is that he is the mascot for Pup Passport because he loves going to breweries with Cambrie & Stephen.

I had so much fun working with these two, and it's always amazing when the feeling is mutual! Cambrie was sweet enough to leave this 5 star review on Yelp about her experience with me as her Portland engagement photographer, this is what she said:

"We are loving working with Cambrae! Our engagement pictures turned out amazing and she guided us through the whole process. She has been professional, communicative, and fun. We are so excited to have her do our wedding photos!"

With the photos from their engagement session I helped Cambrie & Stephen design a custom wedding invitation to send all their wedding guests announcing their summer wedding at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl.

Engagement Photography Location - Mt. Hood National Forest, near Trillium Lake

Engagement Ring - Shane Co.

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