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Winter Wedding Elopement at Home | Vancouver, Washington

Alba & Zach

An Intimate Elopement at Home with Family

I was so excited to be the Portland wedding elopement photographer that Alba and Zach choose for their intimate at home elopement in Vancouver, WA.

Zach and Alba first met at a friend’s baby shower. Over the next year, they kept running into each other at different events. They became that friend of a friend you kind of know, which then turned into a friendship and then to love. Zach credits Alba giving them the sudden push they needed to move their friendship into a romance.

Zach and Alba had always talked about getting married. In fact, they said it felt like an already done deal and that a proposal, in some ways, really wasn’t necessary. They bought the wedding rings together and started making plans. However, when the ring arrived, Zach set to making a plan for a proposal anyway. While they want to focus on the relationship and the life they will build more then ceremony, he still wanted to include a few traditions. Early in the lock down, when life had settled in a bit to being inside, making bread and the other pandemic hobby's, he decided to go for it. After making a special dinner together, he popped the question, and she said yes. While them getting married wasn’t a surprise, the night he asked was. They said it was the one hopeful thing that happened during that time, a light in the dark.

Originally, the couple had plans to get married in July of 2020. They had begun plans for an intimate wedding with family and friends at a restaurant where they live in New York. Of course, we all know that the pandemic changed their plans. They continued to delaying, waiting for things to change, but that never really happened.

After finding out the couple would be expecting their first child, Zach's Mom had the idea to invite Alba's family for a visit, so they could meet and spend some time together. Alba's parents happily expected and made plans to visit Washington from Illinois, along with Alba's sister and her family from LA. Next, they found out that Zach's brother from Austria would also be able to make the visit. It seemed as though the stars were aligning and not wanting to wait any longer, they decided this was the perfect time to get married. They began new plans for an intimate elopement at the home of Zach's mother.

The week of the wedding Portland and Vancouver were hit with a snow storm. The ground and trees were covered with snow, but by some luck the roads were clear and free from ice. It made everything look winter white but without all the worry of being able to make it places.

Sadly, just before they were to leave LA, Alba's sister and her family were exposed to COVID and had to stay home. But luckily, we are so blessed with the technology we have today and they were still able to join via Zoom.

The ceremony was a family affair as well. Zach's brother took the role of wedding officiant for his first time. Alba's sister read a beautiful poem, all while balancing her adorable baby. It was really a special thing to be part of.


Wedding Venue - Family Home

Bride's Wedding Dress - BHLDN by Anthropologie

Wedding Florist - Solabee Flowers

Wedding Cake - Chandelier Bakery

Wedding Cake Topper - Rifle Paper Co.

Catering - Amaro’s Table

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13 abr 2022

I LOVE her dress! This is such a beautiful PNW Elopement!

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