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Summer Wedding at Grandparent's Home | Portland, Oregon

Daine & Linda

An Intimate Portland Wedding

I first met Daine oh so many years ago, not long after graduating high school. He worked with a dear friend of mine and was often one of the singles at group parties.....until one day he walked in the door with Linda. Not only was she beautiful, but smart, and you could see by the way Daine looked at her, this girl was something special.

Over the years our little group has drifted a bit as people got married, changed jobs and had kids. So when an email popped up in my inbox from the two of them asking about wedding photography I could not have been more exited! Not only for the two of them, but also for how honored I felt that they thought of me to be a part of this special day in their lives.

And a truly special day it was. Linda and Daine would be saying their "I do's" at Linda's Grandparent's home, so before the ceremony we decided to meet at Laurelhurst Park. There we would start with the "first look" between Linda and Daine and take photos with the bridal party. When I saw Daine's reaction to seeing her for the first time, it melted my heart. (second image top of blog)

Laurelhurst Park is rich with beauty and history. According to Wikipedia, Laurelhurst was the first city park ever to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has so many beautiful options for wedding photography. I mean with 26+ acres to play with how can you go wrong. I know one of my favorite spots is the beautiful brick staircase. It's also a great place to watch life pass by in the park, bikers, joggers, families. Maybe if you're lucky even a wedding party.

When I asked Linda and Daine about their experience with me as their wedding photographer they said:

"Cambrae did an excellent job! She was wonderful to work with. She was receptive to the ideas for pictures that we had in mind and also brought lots of ideas of her own. She did an excellent job on the day of the wedding. That made the whole day go very smoothly. My wife in general doesn't like having her picture taken, but she was totally at ease with Cambrae. That alone made her worth every penny.

We would recommend her to anyone!"

After the pre-ceremony photo fun, we headed off to Linda's Grandparent's for their intimate backyard wedding. I think it is so special to incorporate a family home into your wedding. Having an extra tie to the location just makes it all a little more special.

Next it was off to the Hollywood Senior Center for good food, fun, and dancing!

Venues / Locations:

Pre-Ceremony Photos Laurelhurst Park

Ceremony at private residence

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