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20's Wedding at McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse | Hillsboro, Oregon

James & Kristine

A 20's Themed Wedding Celebration

James and Kristine's 20's art deco wedding held at McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse was the bees knees! And I was so honored to be the Hillsboro wedding photographer to capture the event!

The wedding was held on the top floor of the Roadhouse at McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. What a historic place to have your wedding, I can only imagine if these walls could talk and possibly how many weddings may have happened here. According to their website, the Roadhouse was already 120 years old when Mcmenamin's purchased it in 1986, that makes it over 150 years now!

I always greatly appreciate it when couples leave reviews. James and Kristine took a moment to share this:

"Photography Cambrae was an exceptional wedding photographer! We feel she went over and above to make our wedding special. Not only did she take great photos and capture great moments but she was a true professional. She even stepped up and helped sort our slightly unorganized event. Between her great prices and everything she has done for us, she just provided outstanding value. Thanks Cambrae!!!"

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