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4 Tips to Find Wedding Day Shoes that are both Stylish and Comfortable

4 Tips to Find Wedding Day Shoes

that are Stylish and Comfortable

The Shoe, the Fit and More!

A few tips from your local Portland wedding photographer to help keep your shoes on and your feet happy through out your wedding day!

I always enjoy buying a fun pair of shoes for a special occasion, somehow they always add that little special something extra. The hard part though is finding not only fashionable shoes for your wedding, but comfortable shoes. It often seems we can't have both, and we have to trade fashion for comfort.

Whether you are looking for kicks, heels, sneakers, red bottoms, jays or anything else you want to consider how practical that shoe is for you, your wedding day and wedding venue.

When someone can rock the dance floor all night long at a wedding in diamond-encrusted stilettos you might think they have super powers, but in reality they might just be in on a few secrets.

The Location

Keep in mind what the grounds are like at your wedding venue. Inside most venues you are probably fine, but if you are having an outdoor wedding or plan to take photos outside you'll want to think about what you will be walking on. Does the venue have lots of cement paved paths, is it mostly grass, or maybe you will be walking on sand. All important things to consider when picking your wedding shoes.

The Shoe

It’s easy to fall in love with a cute pair of shoes and not bother thinking about the practicality of them. Before rushing to the cash register with the ones that are both colorful and sparkly, sit down and consider a few things.

Are these heels far outside of your comfort zone?

If they are, see if you can find a similar style with a lower heel.

Do you normally wear heels?

If the answer is no, ask yourself if you really want to wear heels on your wedding day. If you do, practice makes perfect: be sure to walk in them daily until you become comfortable with the style. Contrarily, if heels simply don’t make sense for your wedding (woods, beach, etc) then consider alternative footwear, like flats or sandals, that will be just as cute!

Get the Right Fit

Your going to wear your wedding shoes all day, so you want to make sure they fit you well. Make sure to stand up in the shoes and walk around a little bit to get the best idea of how they fit. Shoes with a proper fit should not pinch your feet (being too small or narrow), or allow your foot to slide in the shoe (too big). Also toes and heels should not hang over the edge. Stores can always check your shoe size if needed.

Customize Your Fit

When you’ve found the perfect pair of wedding shoes that fit just right and still aren’t comfortable, grrrr! Well don't worry just yet there are a few things you can do to help. Invest in great inserts that cushion your feet in all the right areas. Wear socks when you test your heels around the house to help stretch the bands the tiniest bit, which will create a comfortable, worn-in feel. If all else fails, invest in a great back-up pair of shoes that are more comfortable to change in to later.

Practical and comfortable doesn’t have to mean boring, especially on your wedding day! While finding the perfect balance between style and comfort can seem like an impossible mission, but with these tips you'll be well on your way to "mission successful"!!!

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