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5 Steps to a Fun and Easy High School Senior Photography Session | Portland, Oregon

5 Steps to a Fun and Easy

High School Senior Photography Session

Follow these 5 steps for a senior session that please student and parent

1. Get the Schools Photo Deets

Check with the school to see when senior photos are due. Along with what format and size the final image is to be delivered in. Also check to see if they have any photo limitations, such as no hats, head and shoulders only, and so on.

2. Hire a Pro

Contact me, you're done! Ha, ha.

When hiring a pro, go in with a general budget and have an idea of what you might like to walk away. Besides the digital file for the school, you might like printed items for your home or family as well as digital copies of your favorite images.

There are a number of good ways to find a professional senior portrait photographer. First, through your high school. They may keep a list, or have advertisers in their year book. Have your student ask older friends or siblings who they used and what their experience was like. And of course you can also use online sources like Instagram, Facebook, Google and review sites like Yelp. I always recommended checking reviews.

3. Pick a Location

There are so many great locations around where we live in Oregon and Washington! But it always adds something special to choose a place that has extra meaning for your family or student. Is there somewhere they love to spend time? Somewhere that represents their hobbies. Also take into account your students personality, for example, a shier student might prefer a less busy location. Also ask your professional photographer, they will know of some great options and best times to visit for light and foot traffic.

4. Plan Your Clothing

Don't wait until the night before to plan your clothes....if you can help it...I get it, life!

Lay out clothes, shoes, jewelry, depending on what is liked. Think about the colors in your location, but it's always best for a student to stay true to themselves and dress in a way they fill comfortable.

It is usually ok to bring more then one outfit, but isn't required, and it might depend on your photography package (I offer unlimited changes in your scheduled time but usually recommend 2-3 max). And give things a quick iron before heading out if needed.

5. Have Fun

Whether your student is super excited for senior photos, or you are kind of making them do it. I always encourage everyone to just have fun! We will walk away with something that makes parents smile and students feel like their personality shined.


I encourage parent(s)/guardian(s), to join their student in a photo. Your student is not the only one about to go through some life change. And it will be good for both of you to look back on this time together, both now and later.

I first met Breonna when she was just a kid, as she is the niece of a dear friend. So of course I was really excited when her Mom reached out to ask me to be their Portland high school senior portrait photographer. We started at the studio for hair and make up, along with a few headshots. Next it was off to Laurelhurst Park. It was a lot of fun walking around, chatting and taking photos. It seemed crazy she was graduating high school already. I never feel older until someone I think of as a kid is graduating high school, college, or getting married.

What Breonna said on Facebook about working with me:

"Thank you Cambrae for taking my senior photos! She is so fun and full of energy. The session was great and I would definitely recommend using her if you want any photography done".

High School Senior Photography Location: Laurelhurst Park

Looking for a high school senior portrait photographer?

Contact me now to schedule your seniors photography session!


Nov 06, 2020

Great tips and cute photos!


Nov 05, 2020

These photos are beautiful! And great advise! Seniors, go hire Cambrae!!


Nov 05, 2020

This is amazing advice! What a fun session, I love all the locations!

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