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An Intimate Wedding at Home during the Pandemic | Tigard, Oregon

Colin & Jess

An Intimate Wedding at Home During the Time of Corona

I was so excited to be the Portland female wedding photographer that Colin and Jess choose for intimate wedding at their new home in Tigard, OR. A big thank you goes to Alison and Matt for sending them my way!

Colin and Jess, like many couples planning a wedding in 2020, changed from their initial big June wedding plans to a small backyard wedding in August. A silver lining, they had just purchased their first home, so not the venue they planned but it would be special none·the·less. Many couples take on the brave adventure of buying a new home, moving and planning a wedding all in the same year!

Colin and Jess met while speed dating. I thought that was so cool, having seen speed dating on many shows and movies I have always thought it would be something fun to do and a great why to still meet people in person. Especially in our digital dating age. Colin was the last person to sit with Jess and she was glad to finally sit with someone who could hold a conversation and ask more then “What did you do today?”. After things ended Colin asked if she would like to get a drink. When she joined him at the karaoke bar he said he knew he had it “in the bag”! Meanwhile Jess was still deciding, but after Colin hitting the mic with his go too song and some Weezer she was ready for date number two.

Funny side note, they thought it would be fun to go back to that bar for a drink on their first anniversary. To their surprise it was now a strip club. Well maybe not to much of a surprise in Portland. I’ll let you guess if they stayed for a drink or not.

The day of the wedding the most wonderful thing happened. Some of you may know my absolute love for all things banana, well when I arrived Jess was wearing a banana dress!!! And I have the same one! I love when my couples and I connect in fun ways.

Due to COVID-19 and all of Oregon still being a phase one, they had to keep their guest list to 10 or less, so two of Jess's close friends came to help her get ready. It was a nice way for them to be part of things eve though they wouldn't be staying for the ceremony.

Once ready, Jess joined Colin outside in their backyard for their first look. This is always such a special moment to be part of. They lite up seeing each other and there may have been a few tears. Next we took a short walk to down the street to Fanno Creek Trail for some pre-wedding photos with the bride and groom. The trail, surrounding trees and creek made a beautiful backdrop.

Then it was back home to re-join the family for the ceremony. The groom's brother officiated for his first time. He did a wonderful job, the ceremony was heartfelt and funny. As were the couples vows mentioning serious things but also personal jokes like committing to bringing half full cans of sparkling water. Afterward we took photos with the family and even their cat, Gnocchi, got in on the action.

After the wedding Jess & Colin were kind enough to share on Google about their experience working with me, this is what they had to say:

"Cambrae came to the rescue for my wife and I, and we will always be grateful for her hard work and the beautiful photos she captured of our wedding. She is a lovely person and a pleasure to work with. Here's a glimpse: we were taking photos on the Fanno Creek Trail when Cambrae, tapping into some photographer's six sense, led us off the beaten path, where she discovered a fallen tree trunk straddling the creek itself. Those are some unique shots! Such a magical gift. And at lunch, when I ate that crazy hot jalapeno, Cambrae didn't laugh at my pain any more than my new in-laws did--that means a lot :) With love

- Colin and Jessica Fox"

Jess and Colin ordered thank you cards for their guests and family. With my help, they designed and customized the cards to be something special just for them. They also purchased beautiful premium prints to frame and hang in their home and small gift prints for their family.


Bride's Ring - Alexis Russell

Bride's Dress - BHLDN

Grooms Attire - Indochino

Floral - Family Friend

Officiant - Groom's Brother

Caterer - Si Senor

Cake - Family Friend

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Jan 06, 2021

What a beautiful way to get married during covid! I really love the photo with her cat!

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