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For Clients - How to Review and Revise Your Premium Wedding Album

How to Revise Your Custom Wedding Album Proof

Directions for reviewing and revising your custom wedding album.

As your Portland wedding photographer, I am so excited to create this amazing custom wedding album with you! Follow the steps below to easily walk you through the process of revising your wedding album. Don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

Step 1 - Choose Your Cover

A) You likely have already done this during your image review. But if for any reason you haven't, start by selecting your cover type. Options are pictured below and include, cover material only, 4x4 photo cut out, photo panel or wrap around photo.

B) For all cover options, except cover material only, choose your favorite photo for the cover. When selecting your image, keep in mind the size and shape of the photo area on the cover you selected.

C) For all cover options, except photo wrap around, choose your favorite of our many cover material options from the PDF below.

Download PDF • 1.28MB

A CAUTION: When viewing materials online colors vary depending on device or screen calibration.

Step 2 - Pick Your Favorite Images

Open your online wedding gallery, pop a bottle of your favorite beverage, and take sometime to look through all of your images. As you do, any photo you really like, click the "star" at the bottom and add it to your favorites list. This will come in handy when you look for images to add to your album.

Step 3 - Review Your Album Proof and Leave Notes

Open your album proof using your personal link, this was emailed to you. Approve the album as is, or request changes. If requesting changes, you may leave notes on each spread to approve it, remove it, or make selective images changes. Don't worry I will adjust the layout if needed based on your changes. Once you are done with all of your notes, click the "finished" button in the upper right hand corner.

For more detailed instructions and tips, please watch the video below.

Step 4 - Final Review

Once I have received your notes I will update your album and send it back for one final review. This final review should be a quick overview to make sure everything looks good and I understood all of your notes before we go to print. After reviewing, leave any final notes if needed, and click the "finished" button one last time.

Step 5 - Go to Print

Once I have your final approval the album will go to print! Custom wedding albums are generally created in 3 weeks then are ready for shipping.

I can't wait for your to have this album in hand! The experience of holding it in your hands and flipping through the pages is so much better then seeing it on the screen!

Want to create a custom wedding album from your wedding?

Contact me now to get it started!


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