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Free COVID-19 Wedding Signage | General Guidelines & Colored Wrist Bands

Free COVID-19 Wedding Signage

General Guest Guidelines & Social Distancing Color Coded Wrist Bands

Many couples are not letting coronavirus stop them from getting married!

While in the beginning of the year, we did see many weddings post pone, now that couples and vendors know what to expect in this new world many are pushing forward. After all COVID CAN'T STOP LOVE!

Your wedding guests are all your most important people, and it is just as important to celebrate with them, as it is to keep them safe.

At your wedding you will still want to make sure all vendors and guests are following state and county COVID-19 mandated guidelines. If your venue is more "hands off", more of the responsibility will fall to you.

One of the mandates is COVID-19 related signage, but there is no reason that signage can't look as beautiful as everything you have loving designed for your wedding day.

Just download, print and frame! Voila, you're done!

Download PDF • 25KB

Download is 8.5x11 inches, use a document frame, or just cut down to 8x10.

Besides keeping your guests safe, you will also want them to feel comfortable at your wedding depending on their health and COVID preferences. One trending idea that I think is great, is color coded wrist bands. No need to ask, no need to explain, just look for the colored wristband for easy answers.

Plus, you can have a little fun with it and get custom wristbands with your name and wedding date printed on them.

Download • 27KB

Download are 8.5x11 inches, use a document frame, or just cut down to 8x10.

Need some general coronavirus wedding help?

Check out our great guides for best practices and phase rules below.



Looking for an experienced coronavirus wedding photographer?

Contact me now to schedule your no-obligation no-contact video consultation.

2 opmerkingen

11 nov. 2020

Love the idea of using color coded wrist bands for peoples comfort levels!


11 nov. 2020

Great resources for couples getting married!

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