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What Does Phase 1, 2 and 3 Mean For Your Oregon State Wedding?

This blog will no longer be updated but all links will still take you to the right information.

Oregon State Reopening Phases 1-2-3

How to Be Prepared for a Coronavirus Wedding in Oregon State

"A Safe and Strong Oregon" lays out the details of Kate Brown's Executive Order No. 20-25. Which is basically the beginning of the "Stay Home, Save Lives" order in March after the outbreak of COVID-19 and the reopening plan to follow.

In the plan, Brown says" The success of this phased reopening will depend in large part on the ability of employers, employees, and the public to adhere to the public health, safety, and physical distancing measures."

Current freeze on all events until Dec. 2nd, 2021.

Last updated 11/27/20

All reopening phases are grounded in the same mandated best practices for both individuals and businesses. Including staying six feet apart, wearing a face-covering, washing your hands, and stay local!

Besides those best practices, each reopening phase also has its own set of guidelines.

Phase 0

  • Local cultural, civic, and faith gatherings of 25 or fewer people are allowed

  • Local social gatherings of 10 or fewer people are allowed, with no traveling and only if a distance of six feet can be consistently maintained between individuals from different households.

  • Individuals should minimize non-essential travel, consistent with any applicable OHA guidance. Limit non-essential work travel.

Phase 1

  • Indoor social get-togethers are capped at 10. (As of July 15th, 2020)

    • Doesn't apply to civic, cultural or faith-based gathering, venues, restaurants, or gyms. These locations are allowed up to 50 people provided physical distancing can be in place.

  • Outdoor social gathering of up to 25 people is allowed provided physical distancing can be in place.

  • Travel: Limit non-essential work travel.

Phase 2

  • Local social gatherings for any purpose indoors up to 10 people and outdoors up to 100 people are allowed.

  • Operators of gatherings also have specific guidelines they are required to follow including: determining maximum occupancy/seating configuration of each indoor and outdoor area to maintain social distancing between parties not in the same household at all times, configurations cannot contain more than 10 people per party. Operators must also assign a physical distancing monitor and limit activities such as singing, playing instruments, or exertion (heavy breathing) around others indoors. Lastly, cleaning and assigning a sanitation attendant.

    • Ask your venue if they will be following these rules as the operator or if they pass that responsibility on to you.

Phase 3

A reliable treatment or prevention is available to the general public and large gatherings and events hopefully will be able to resume......this phase still includes the unknown.


For more information about COVID-19 in Oregon visit the following:

• Check the county staus page to see what phase your venue's county is in.

A Safe and Strong Oregon (original state plan document)

For information about Washington:

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