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Metro East Web Academy 8th Grade Promotion | Gresham, Oregon

Metro East Web Academy 8th Grade Promotion

Next Stop High School

I was so excited to be the Portland photographer chosen to work with Metro East Web Academy for so many of their 8th grade promotion ceremonies.

Metro East Web Academy (MEWA) is an online public school with a web-based curriculum. Each academy student receives a personalized education program designed to meet their individual needs. Their program allow students to login anytime, anywhere and the online learning is supported in a variety of ways including daily communication with teachers, field trips, community service and face to face check in's. At MEWA students get the best of both worlds.

Class of 2011

Metro East Web Academy (then called Gresham-Barlow Web Academy) held one of their early 8th grade promotion ceremonies at Dexter McCarty Middle School. The school classroom was a prefect fit for these 11 graduates and their families.

I also photographed their high school graduation at Persimmon Country Club.

Class of 2012

In 2012 the 8th grade class joined the high school graduation at Persimmon Country Club. The country club made a beautiful backdrop for this small intimate gathering and having the celebration outside of the school gave these 8th graders a little something special for all of their hard work.

Class of 2013

The following year promotion was held at Grace Community Church. It's not uncommon for 8th grade promotions to be held at other locations besides the school. I remember when I was promoted from 8th grade after attending Binnsmead Middle School (now Harrison Park School) we held our graduation at Eastgate Theater, in the famous number one auditorium. The building is now used as a church.

Class of 2014

In 2014 the number of 8th graders graduating almost doubled, going from an average of 12 students to 19. Their high school class was also growing larger and they needed more space for the grads plus their family and friends. After some searching the school found the large main auditorium on the East Hill campus and it was a perfect fit.

Class of 2015

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