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Outdoor Maternity Photography Session at Hoyt Arboretum | Portland, Oregon

Linnea & Matt

Falling in Love Again, First Time Parents

I was so excited when Linnea & Matt reached out to say they would be in need of a maternity and newborn photography session! Having previously been their Portland wedding photographer, I couldn't wait to capture more of their journey as a married couple. It's one of the great perks of my job.

Linnea and Matt decided on an outdoor maternity photography session. They wanted something with beautiful scenery, so what better location, then Hoyt Arboretum. Hoyt Arboretum is a part of Portland Parks and Recreation and according to their website, encompasses 190 ridge-top acres and 12 miles of hiking trails, plenty to explore!

I asked Linnea if she would minding answering a few questions about her pregnancy and expecting her first child. She was kind enough to send back these thoughtful answers.

What was it like finding out you were pregnant with your first child?

It was exciting! We have wanted to be parents for a while now but the timing in our lives wasn't right. Once we started trying we were waiting for that positive.

What has been your favorite and/or worst thing about being pregnant?

My favorite part has been seeing the baby in the ultra sound and seeing and feeling her move. Morning sickness and feeling tired all the time has been the most frustrating part of being pregnant.

What was one weird or interesting thing you learned about pregnancy that you didn't know before?

I learned that your brain literally changes when you get pregnant. There is a lot of brain power going into growing a person from scratch.

What are you most looking forward to about being a parent?

Watching her learn how to be a person while also still having fun and being a family unit.

Anything else you want to share about being a pregnant?

Your dogs will not leave you alone in that final trimester. They will not let me be in a room alone. They can sense it.

Maternity Photography Location: Hoyt Arboretum

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