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Portland Photography Studio Celebrates 10 Years in Business | Oregon

Photography by Cambrae

Celebrates 10 Years in Business

These last 10 years have been a crazy, fantastic journey!

While “Photography by Cambrae” made it’s official debut 10 years ago, it truly began long before that.

Sometime in high school I can recall making business cards, on the printer in my Mom’s basement, with the name “Photography by Cambrae”. My family has an entrepreneurial spirit, so it doesn’t surprise me I thought about business at a young age. I remember setting up a studio in the basement with sheets and big pieces of fabric. I got my cousin, Kristie, to come over and be my model (something she still does today when called upon). After our basement photography session, we would have to wait to get the film developed before we could see what we had created.

I wish I could remember taking my first picture. But I do remember the people who have really encouraged my creative spirit and started the journey to the photographer I am today.

When I think about my first exposures into the world of photography, I think of my uncle Jim. I can’t remember what started it all, but since I was young, he shared about photography with me. Giving me books, magazines and I loved when we would take a class together. He has always encouraged my passion for photography and has his own as well. In fact, him and my Aunt Barb like to travel and photograph their adventures. His patience and landscape work will always bet mine.

Group photo of Cambrae's family standing togoether arms wrapped around each others shoulders. Taken at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

My Family

Craig (Cousin's Husband) - Kristie (Cousin) - Barb (Aunt) - Bill (Grandpa) -

Cambrae (Me) - Colleen (Mom) - Jim (Uncle) - 2015

Photo by Courtney Delano Photography taken at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden


Then in the 8th grade my math teacher, Ken Wanderer started a darkroom club. Through his club I learned more about photography and all about developing and printing my own black and white film. I continued to work in the darkroom in high school, all through college and even had my own at home for a while. It is definitely something that I miss and I am so thankful for that education.

Page from middle school yearbook with math teacher circled.

Ken Wanderer - 7th Grade Math Teacher and Photo Club


Theresa Flynn Kohl was the first real photographer mentor I had. She gave me a new confidence and pushed me to be brave as a wedding photographer. I second shot for her, still with film, and she still photographed with medium format. She also gave me the opportunity to photograph my first wedding, all on my own.

Proof album and prints from my first solo wedding.

The ceremony was held at the International Rose Test Garden.


My biggest supporter has always been my Mom. To this day she stands as my compass, always letting me choose my own path but reminding me where North is. She has always supported my creative endeavors and has been the voice of reason whether I wanted to hear it or not. She bought me my first “real” camera for Christmas and let me move home to save money to begin my journey as a full-time photographer. I am beyond grateful and thankful for her!

Photographer, Cambrae, embracing her Mother at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

Me and My Mom


It’s exciting and crazy to think that a photography company I started in my Mom’s basement as a high school kid, is now celebrating 10 years.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to do what I do. And of course the people I want to give a HUGE THANKS to, is my clients. Without them none of this is possible. They value photography and preserving the story of their lives and the lives of their families. They open their minds, hearts and homes to me so that I can capture their story. I am honored, humbled and grateful for that opportunity.

A grapic stating: Thank you to my amazing clients. My Family, my friends and all my supporters along the way!

Here is to 10 More Amazing Years!

Want to be a part of the next 10 years?

Contact me now to schedule your photography session or wedding!

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07 ene 2021

Ahh what an exciting journey and thank you for sharing it with us all! Can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings you!

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