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Spread the Love Wedding Giveaway Winner 2020 | Portland, Oregon

Spread the Love Wedding Giveaway 2020 Winner

Anthony & Alyssa's Story

We received so many submissions from a lot of deserving couples but we could only choose one winner. Let us share with you their story.

How They Met

They met during spring semester at Multnomah University and quickly became friends. While he instantly knew, it took her a little while to realize how deep their connection was.

In the same week that she realized her feelings, all of the students were sent home due to coronavirus.

They agreed to stay in touch, and quickly found themselves spending hours on FaceTime everyday. Shortly after he asked her to be his girlfriend. He was her first boyfriend, and now her fiancé!

Their Proposal Story

It all started months before, first with him building the ring, asking her parents and then recruiting them to help with the secret plan.

She had no idea.

The two hopped a plane from Portland to Wisconsin, meanwhile her family were setting up for the proposal.

Ava, her best friend, picked them up from the airport and took them home to what she thought was a family dinner. He lead her to the snowy backyard and asked her to marry him.

Why They Deserved to Win

He spent most of his childhood growing up on the streets, experiencing homelessness and battling addition. An opportunity to go through the local Transitional Youth program gave him the chance to break out of it.

Now, he works for Transitional Youth and mentors young men through the same journey. His life is totally different now.

In her words "I never thought I would end up with someone like him, but his story shows me the power of change that a person can experience through the love of others."

What it Would Mean to Them to Win

Both are students, and don't have a lot left over after paying tuition. They believe they can still find elegance through simplicity, but winning this would relieve so much stress, as well as bless them profoundly.

On top of that, she wants him to have a really special day. She said "He deserves the world, and I want him to know that even though so much of his life was stolen, there is so much beauty to be experienced in the future."


What They Won

DJ and MC Services, Wedding Photography Package, Lighting, Photo Booth Rental, Flowers for the couple and wedding party, custom bridal veil and face masks, Ice cream cart with 6 flavors, Cake, Dessert Table, Beer and Wine Trailer with Beer and Wine included, Popcorn, Wedding Stationery, Officiant with Custom Ceremony, Wedding Decor with Complimentary Styling and a Mobile Bridal Suite!

Thank you so much to all of these great vendors for

Spreading the Love!

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27 Φεβ 2021

What a great prize package! Congratulations to Anthony and Alyssa!

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