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Staying Home to Save Lives | Couples Photography Session | Portland, Oregon

Sion & Jesse

Staying Home to Save Lives

I was so happy to be the Portland engagement photographer that Sion and Jesse choose for this lifestyle couples photography session at their home.

Sion and Jesse will celebrate 4 years of marriage this August. They had a weekend getaway camping wedding with all of their friends. Just one of the many activities they have been missing since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

When I asked Sion why she thought this would be a fun time for a couples photography session she said that they wanted to capture the good that has come out of an otherwise crazy and scary time. She said some of the great silver linings to come from all of this was more time spent together.

Not long after people across the U.S. began sheltering at home portrait photographers found a way to continue capturing the lives of their clients. Difficult times can often breed ingenuity. I started seeing many posts highlighting "Front Porch Sessions". They featured people, couples, and families on their front porches as they stayed home to save lives and stay safe from the coronavirus. I thought this was a great idea to capture this historic time!

As I viewed these images, I couldn't help but think a large part of the experience was missing. Since many of us were spending the majority of our time inside of our homes. Even in our regular daily lives, our homes are a centerpiece.

I asked what the two of them have been doing to pass the time and this is what they said:

"Cooking! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. We love the time together and getting creative! Of course, we’re watching more tv but we’ve also picked up reading again, and always seem to have a puzzle out. The yard has never been so beautiful, or the house so clean. We’ve picked up new hobbies and gotten back to old ones. We’ve started biking together, which is a new-found hobby. We’re really enjoying all the extra time together!

Of course, the reason we are all getting this extra time at home is due to COVID-19. I asked Sion and Jesse if they wouldn't mind sharing how the pandemic has affected their daily lives.

"Our income has been reduced by 20% but we’ve learned new ways of being more efficient with our spending and are actually able to set aside a little each month, which we weren’t able to before. We feel really lucky to be relatively unimpacted in the sense that we don’t have kids and we have plenty of space to both be working from home. We find ourselves talking to family even more now than ever before."

Each couple and family will have their own experience as we all find a way forward with COVID-19, but I hope by sharing our experiences that we will all know we are in this together.

This session was photographed while maintaining social distance for the protection of my clients, myself, and my family. Visit here to see our current best practices.

There are so many great things you can do with the images from your couple's portrait session or engagement session. Canvas wall art is just classic and always a crowd pleaser. It is my most popular finish for wall art. I am always a fan of big prints, go big or go home! Maybe more like, go big and put it in your home!

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