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Superman Themed Wedding at Cedarville Lodge | Gresham, Oregon

Sarah & Bradley

Sarah Says "I Do" to the Superman in Her Life

I was delighted to be the Portland female wedding photographer to photograph Sarah and Bradley's Superman themed wedding, held at Cedarville Lodge in Gresham, OR.

Sarah and Bradley met at a mutual friends house. Bradley said "I feel like it was love at first sight". He had seen her around before, but this party was their first chance to speak, they both give her credit for starting the conversation. Shortly after, they decided to ditch the party and go walking. They ended up walking around town and talking for hours. After that they were inseparable.

I loved seeing Bradley's face light up with a huge grin telling me this story, and reliving the feeling. He also said "When you know you're in love, your kind of scared, but so you kind of run at first. But then when you really, truly know it, it's reassuring."

Two months before Bradley proposed he had the ring, some plans in mind, but he was waiting for the perfect moment. Anyone planning to propose knows how challenging that can be. Bradley admits nerves got the best of him and he just went for it. With Sarah's two daughters present, he nervously handed her the ring and asked, "Will you?". Of course, she said yes.

The couple had decided on the cozy and warm Cedarville Lodge for their intimate spring wedding. In fact, that is where we met! Cedarville Lodge has so much to offer as a venue. From their rustic lodge situated in the woods to big outdoor ceremony spaces. I also love venues with history. According to their website, Cedarville Lodge was established in 1925 and inside the main lodge you will find the original wood slab bar, though it has been updated operating taps and an ice machine.

Bradley is a big Superman fan and Sarah was happy to let him incorporate it into the wedding. Plus, it gave Sarah a reason to wear those killer red wedding shoes and don her best red lipstick.

Sarah's Dad's brought along his beautiful 1920's Model T for the married couple to take wedding photos with. I was super excited because I love old cars and talking to her Dad you could really see his passion for them as well. He was also excited to be their getaway driver at the end of the evening.

Sarah's Dad also had a friend make this awesome metal cake topper for their wedding, complete with Superman, his bride, their wedding date and last name. The first one came out a little big but ended up becoming a great decoration for their ceremony area. And they are now a special keepsake in the couples home.

Sarah and Bradley knew they were supposed to be ready for a big surprise gift at the end of their wedding reception. The gift turned out to be, a surprise honeymoon to Las Vegas, Nevada! In fact, they left later that night! The two hoped on the plane still dressed for the wedding and enjoyed the sounds of people shouting "Congratulation!" everywhere they went. What a great way to end this fun wedding!

I am always so grateful when couples take the time to share their experience through online reviews . Bradley was kind enough to leave these sweet words on my Facebook:

"My wife and I was blessed to have the opportunity to be able to use Photograph by Cambrae.... She took the best wedding pictures... The pictures made my wedding..."

Bradley reached out to me early this year because he wanted to surprise Sarah with a beautiful custom designed album for their anniversary. What a great idea! I was so excited to help him with this and I know Sarah will be so surprised!

And we were right! It warmed my heart to see Sarah post after their anniversary weekend "You are the most amazing husband. My wedding photo book you got from our photographer Cambrae is the most romantic thing you could have done. I love you more than the moon and stars. This book is the perfect way to relive our special day."


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