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Vine & Sparrow | Sherwood Wedding Venue | Oregon

Vine & Sparrow Venue Visit

Wedding Venue Tour - Sherwood, OR

22418 SW Pine St., Sherwood, OR 97140

I love touring wedding venues throughout Oregon and Washington! It's a great opportunity for me to get to know the venue before a wedding. And I can share new, upcoming, intimate and unique venues with all of you! My recent explorations took me to Vine & Sparrow in Sherwood, OR where I took a tour with their Venue Manager Jessica Love.

Month of Visit: February

Weather that day: Sunny with Clouds

Some History

I was surprised to learn that the building currently occupied by Vine & Sparrow was originally built in 1912. I love old buildings, they always have so much style, and I just think about all the history in their walls and the stories they could tell. According to the plaque out front, provided by Sherwood Cultural Walking Tours, the Society of Friends AKA Quakers, originally built the buildings and it severed them until 1971. Next to occupy the building was artist Stewart Olsen, whose stained glass work can still be seen in the main floor ballroom today. Vine & Sparrow opened in April of 2019 as a place for community members to gather and celebrate life’s special moments.

The light was so beautiful on the day of my visit I couldn't help but talk Jessica into a quick impromptu portrait. Jessica Love, pictured above, is not only Vine and Sparrows venue manager, she is also the smart and talented owner and planner for Love Blossomed Events. You can add her to your package her, or hire her for your wedding or event anywhere. She is someone who truly cares about what she does and the couples she works for. She is someone you can count on to make the day run smoothly.

I never know where I will find inspiration. I LOVED the way the light was coming in through the window of the small kitchen off the bar I couldn't help but take a photograph. I also love the touch of green that peeks out from the top of the sink. The familiar neon glow of so many dish soaps.

General Info

Sherwood Wedding Venue Type: Ballroom, Church

Indoor: Yes

Outdoor: Yes

Maximum Capacity: 120 (but perfect at 72!)

Parking: 2 small lots and street parking

What's Included:

1 Hour Wedding Rehearsal

12 Hours of Full Access (Between 10 AM and Midnight)

Venue Staff Onsite for Your Wedding

Dressing Room

In-house Wine, Cider & Beer Service

In-house Sound System

Access to Tables and Chairs

Set Up / Clean Up

Additional Rentals Available:

AV Equipment

Photo Highlights:

The stained glass windows will make a beautiful backdrop. And I love the large stones and beautiful plants on the secluded patio. I could take so many photos out there. Also just going outside the fence lends a beautiful tucked away street view. Also close by is a fun Whiskey Library, park and historic old town Sherwood.

Other Cool Features:

The getting ready room has a shower.

The owners also own the coffee and whiskey house, Symposium, next door, a fun place for some additional photos, or to grab a bit of whiskey during your event as the venue is currently beer and wine only.

Open Houses:

Yes they have open houses, check their website, Facebook, or Instagram for upcoming events, or reach out to schedule your own personal tour with Jessica!

This adorable little nest (pictured upper right) is a humming bird nest, they are found all around the back of the property. I have never seen one before and thought it was a pretty cool sight to see.


In-House Vendors:

Love Blossomed Events (not required, but I highly recommend her!!)

Preferred Vendors:

Photography by Cambrae - Sherwood Wedding Photographer

Outside Vendors:

Are always welcome, but they encourage you to check out their preferred vendor list.

Looking for a photographer to capture your business? OR for your wedding?

Contact me now to schedule your no-obligation consultation! I can't to chat!


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