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Winter Wedding Reception at Blue Lake Regional Park | Fairview, Oregon

Jaime & David

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!

I was excited when Jaime & David choose me to be the Portland wedding photographer for their wedding reception held at Blue Lake Regional Park's Lake House in Fairview, OR. And now, 9 years later I get to wish them a very happy wedding anniversary!

David and Jaime got married in an intimate ceremony at a cute little B&B on Mt. Hood, called Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast. While they wanted something small for their wedding ceremony, they still wanted to have a big party to celebrate with all of their friends and family so they planned this wedding reception at Blue Lake Park.

I reached out to Jaime to see if she would mind sharing a little of their love story and her answers paint the start of a blossoming relationship that tuned into a beautiful life and marriage together.

Tell me the story of how you two met.

"David and I met at a 30th birthday BBQ for a friend. We instantly saw one another and the rest is history!"

Tell me your proposal story, who proposed and how?

"David and I went camping in the snow on Mt. Hood. We would always ask each other if we wanted to have another first time together, when eating new foods, doing new adventures and anything else that was new new for us. I had a ring made and on our way down to the indoor pool at our camp spot I asked David if he wanted to have “another first time”, he of course said yes. I pulled out the ring and asked him to marry me. He said YES! It was so amazing! The snow was beautiful, there was a creek right by us! The setting was so amazing. ❤️"

What is your favorite memory from your wedding celebration?

"Besides marrying my best friend… the best man's speech and my nephews dancing! Best night ever!!!"

The part of their wedding that will always bring a big smile to my face, involves the song "Gangnam Style" by PSY. The music was rocking and everyone was on the dance floor having the time of their lives, but they had no idea how good it was about to get. The familiar first bars of "Gangnam Style" came on and from the crowd one little boy in neon green glasses took center stage. Not only did he seem to know every word to the song and sing it with immense confidence, but he knew the dance too! Everyone circled around to cheer him on, it was such a fun moment, I will never forget it.


Wedding Venue - Blue Lake Regional Park

Bride's Wedding Dress - Davids Bridal

Wedding Make-up and Hair - Toree Falconer of Notoreeous Beauty

Wedding DJ - Donn Nutt

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Feb 08, 2022

What a great proposal story...wonderful start to a life together!

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