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Fun at Home Family Photography Session | Portland, Oregon

The Anderson Family

Bikes, Dogs and Grandparents, OH MY!

I am always excited to be the Portland family photographer that Sarah & Paul choose for their fun family photography sessions. I have had the great fortune of knowing these two since college, so watching them build and grow their family has truly been an honor.

Sarah and Paul opted for a fun family photography session at home where everyone could get in on the action. They are lucky enough to have their kids Grandparents, AKA Sarah’s parents, living right next door, so of course they had to come over and join in. Also being at home made it easy for the families two Husky dogs to be part of their session, after all they are part of the family.

When you are working with kids, having them do an activity is always a great idea. It gets there mind off taking photos and it’s a great way to capture candid images of them just being a kid. Noah and Ezra, like many little boys and girls, LOVE to ride bikes. Their parents just happen to have a super long driveway just perfect for a little racing. Both boys donned their helmets, safety first, and they were ready to show off their biking skills.

Activities can also be a good way to change a child’s mood. As all parents know, melt downs happen, and they usually happen at the worst times. When they happen at a family photo shoot you just have to go with it. First, I always snap a crying photo, because let’s face it, that is real life and part of parenting. Next, we try and change their mood. Starting an activity, a game, or a song, usually makes kids curious and want to be included. Then before you know it, smiles start creeping back in.

Inviting Grandparents to join in your family photos is always a great idea! The relationship between kids and their grandparents is such a special one. Plus, when was the last time your parents had a nice portrait of themselves? I loved during our session when Sarah asked if I could take a picture of just the two of her parents, I said “Absolutely, great idea!”.

Including the family pet is also a great idea! In this case, two adorable dogs, both Huskey’s, named Mishka and Echo. Echo was just a young puppy and was excited to be part of anything we were doing. She would run circles around all of us and race the boys in the backyard. Mishka on the other hand was 16 years old. We knew at the time with Mishka’s age this could be his last photo session with the family, which made capturing those relationships that much more important. It’s not always an easy part of my job, but it’s a big reason why I do what I do.

One other advantage to being at the family’s home is getting to pull out the motorcycle! Paul brought out his red Honda Super Hawk 996 for the boys to pose for a few photos with. I remember my Dad having a motorcycle when I was a kid and thinking he was so cool. Paul is pretty cool though.

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