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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session | Hillsboro, Oregon

Allie, Paul, and Lee

Welcome Baby Lee

When Allie and Paul shared the news they were pregnant I was so happy for them. That happiness only grew when they asked me to be their Hillsboro newborn photographer for their in-home lifestyle newborn photography session.

I first met Allie and Paul when they selected me to be their Portland wedding photographer. So when they reached out with the news their family would be growing by one, I was so excited. And of course they would need newborn photos. One of the awesome perks of my job, is getting to capture my couples while they grow their families, and being part of it.

I asked Allie what was it like finding out she was pregnant with her first child, this is what she said:

"Exciting, nervous, and scary all at the same time. We had just gotten married a few months prior, and new that we wanted to start a family right away. We were happy that it worked! Given that we had some miscarriages in the past, I was scared every day that something was going to happen. Luckily for us, everything worked out exactly as it should have! "

Welcome to the world baby Lee!

His name, Lee Joseph, come from both of his Grandfathers middle names. Lee came into this world at 8 pounds, 2 ounces and measuring 21.25 inches tall. But the most incredible thing was the head of hair on this kid. Though to look at his Dad's luscious locks, I guess it's really no surprise.

I asked Allie, so far, what she loved most or worried about being a new parent,

"We love seeing him learn and grow. It is a little sad knowing he won't be little forever, and that sometime will be the last time he wants us to hold him. However, knowing that we get to travel the journey of growth with him is amazing. I try to take all moments, big and small, to cherish. I worry constantly, mostly about us doing something wrong that will set him up for failure. I am sure I am being dramatic, but it's true."

I want to thank Allie for being so open in her answers. Sharing about success and joy is easy, but sharing about miscarriages and real worries as a parent is hard. Being truly vulnerable always is. But when we do I think we often find we are not alone.

Some good, and frankly, realistic advice Allie shared with me about being a parent was,

"Honestly, I didn't think I would like it so much! Parenting is really just a roll of the dice, I feel. Somethings you do may work, somethings may not. As long as we have the best interest of our kiddo in mind, I think that we are making the best choices we can."

Reviews are always a great way for perceptive clients looking for a Hillsboro newborn photographer to read about someone else's experience working with me. When clients take the time to post a review it is so greatly appreciated! Thanks Allie & Paul!

This is what they had to say on Yelp:

"This review is for newborn pictures. I was 100% impressed by her abilities and photography skills. She knew exactly the right poses, images, and angles. She captured our baby boy beautifully."

Allie and Paul ordered a custom college canvas from Lee's in-home lifestyle newborn photography session. These classic canvases are made with poly-cotton artist grade canvas, are 1-1/4" deep, and come with a finished backing so they are ready to hang.

Looking for a newborn photographer?

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