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In-Home Newborn Photography Session | Tigard, Oregon

Andrea, Stefan, Liesel & Arno

Welcome Baby Arno

Welcome to the world baby Arno! So many people have been waiting to meet you.

This lifestyle newborn photography session was held at the families home in Tigard, OR. And I was so honored to be once again chosen to be their newborn photographer.

The house was nice and toasty when I arrived. I always have clients turn up the heat for newborn sessions because they like it nice and warm and many times they are going down to their skivvies. I figure if we are just on the verge of being too warm it is perfect for babies.

I just love the name Arno, it is adorable and it seems to fit him perfectly. When I asked Andrea how they decide on the name she said:

"Arno was supposed to be Graham Arno. We also had a long list of other names, but we both liked the name Graham without question. “Arno” was my great grandfather and a great uncle on my dad’s side. We liked the uniqueness. Once he was born, Stefan looked at him and said his name had to be switched to Arno Graham. And it fits him well."

Ok I am obsessed with the headboard in their bedroom! Not only is it just plan beautiful and stylish, but the natural wood made a beautiful backdrop for their session. I love using the things in peoples homes for these lifestyle sessions. Not only do the colors in your photos match your home perfectly but if you ever move it helps to preserve the home that was and the memories you had inside it.

It's amazing to see how Liesel has grown throughout the years, her maternity and newborn photography session don't seem very long ago. And now she gets to be a big sister. This little girl is full of energy in the best way! She is so fun to work with. But when it came to snugging up for a photo with her new little brother, I could see how careful she was. The bond between two siblings is always a special one.

At this time in my photography career I have photographed many newborns. By some miracle I have yet to be peed or pooped one. But Arno was the baby to end all of that. He was swaddled up, happy and in his little bear hat while I was taking his photo. Unbeknown to me, he had kicked open the bottle half of the swaddle. Since I was sitting a little below him this made a perfect tunnel. Suddenly I guessed warm and wet. He got me! Congrats baby Arno, you're the first!

Andrea and Stefan have recently moved to a new home and wanted to create a beautiful family display from their portrait sessions. They sent me a photo of their mantel (pictured below) and I created a number of designs that would show them what sizes and configurations would look best on their wall, with pieces from their previous sessions and adding some new images from this newborn photography session.

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