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Wedding Industry Happy Hour at Easton Broad | Portland, Oregon

Industry Happy Hour at Easton Broad

A Wedding and Events Venue in Portland, OR

I was excited to be invited to attend the wedding Industry Happy Hour organized by, and held at, Easton Broad. Being the Portland wedding photographer that I am, I couldn't resist bringing my little travel camera along to snap a few photos.

Easton Broad was one of many businesses that opened their doors with excitement, for the first time, in early 2020. And then....well you know.....COVID. But they have pushed through and as we all look forward, so do they. Look forward to bringing together the wedding industry. As well as, helping their clients create community markets, hold meetings, celebrate weddings and gather for events!

The invite said "Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah! It's been too long since we've all joined together for drinks and nibbles, so let's kick back before the season starts with a fun, relaxed night together." That sounded like a fun night to me! Plus, I still really miss all of the Oregon wedding vendor groups I used to be part of before COVID.

It was the start to a perfect evening. As soon as I walked in, I saw some familiar faces scattered throughout the room. The sun was out, giving us a little break from the February cold and it poured in through the venues stunning floor to ceiling windows. I love it when a venue has lots of ambient light.

Easton Broad also hosted yummy appetizers by Willabys Catering and Design. They included fresh berries, meats and cheeses. A unique devils egg and mouth watering churros with a spicy chocolate sauce. More divine sweets were offered by Hedonish Desserts, including cakes and a s'mores type cookie, that I could have eaten 5 of!

Behind the bar, was Easton Broad Owner, Aaron Sailors. I can't remember the name of the drink I had, but it had whiskey and fresh cranberry juice. It was good! Owner Kelly was also in the house, chatting it up with Oregon wedding vendors.

The very best thing about the night was seeing these beautiful humans! Wedding vendors have been hit hard in the last two years. While we haven't been together outside of work as much as we would like recently, our sense of community and our bond is still very much alive!

I would recommended any of these wedding vendors for your wedding day!!

Pictured above: Jen - NW Mobile DJ, Amanda - Ambient Sky, Pat - Mobile Scoop Shop, Amber & Eric - Sightglass Photography, Michael - Rational Unicorn Legal Services, Michelle - Tres Belle Desserts, Shannon - Periwinkle Events NW LLC, Tamara - Poppies and Paisley Floral, and of course me!

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