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Camp Family Photography Session | Seabeck, Washington

Jessi, David & Ken

Caring for Essential Workers during COVID-19

It has been my honor to be the Portland family photographer that Jessi and David continue to choose for their family photography sessions, including this camp session at Seabeck Conference Center.

I have many couples who are essential workers and I thought along with sharing their images I would love to share some stories about what life is like for them during the COVID-19 outbreak. When I put out the call Jessi answered. Her job might not be the first one you think of when you hear the term "essential worker", but without her help and others like her, more essential workers would be forced to stay home. Jessi provides daycare for the child of medical workers.

I first met Jessi and David when they were shopping for a wedding photographer and since then I have photographed them and their family a number of times. Including many of their extended family. I love getting to know my couples, but meeting their families teaches me so much more about who they are. It is a privilege I really enjoy.

When I asked Jessi what it has been like being a caregiver for the children of essential workers she said it has made her and her family be even extra careful. Besides the measures they take at home, they have also restricted seeing their close family, only having visits from 6 feet away. Her family really misses seeing Ken, her own toddler, but she says she's not comfortable being the potential cause of someone getting sick. And that is an attitude to applaud.

Thankfully, with Ken not being of school age yet, Jessi has been able to skip learning to handle home schooling. But they have been spending a lot of quality family time and spending time outside taking walks together.

I asked Jessi how COVID-19 has effected her family or day to day life and this is what she said "Unemployment has been one huge headache. We have been waiting since March 29th to get receive unemployment and it still hasn't come. Also avoiding my parents because they are in the "at risk" category has been hard. Hardest on them I think. Right now the main concern is making ends meet. Having to repay things but nothing to repay with." Words that are all too familiar for many Oregonians right now.

Jessi said if her family had money to donate right now should would give to Neighborhood House. She thinks the work they are doing during this time has been great. According to their website, as interruption of normal operations across their programs has happened due to COVID-19, Neighborhood House has already begun innovating and adapting, to meet the needs of their community and is providing assistance in food security, connections and support for isolated seniors, equitable access to education, parenting support, and social/emotional support for school-aged children. All things that are greatly needed right now. If you want to help they are also accepting donations.

Every year Jessi and her family work at and attend camp in Seabeck, WA. We figured since this location has so much meaning to her family, not to mention the surroundings are beautiful, that it would make a perfect location for this family photography session.

Family Photography Location: Seabeck Conference Center during the week of Seabeck Christian Family Camp

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