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In-Home Lifestyle Family Photography Session | Portland, Oregon

The Curths Family

Family Life While Sheltering in Place

I was excited to be the Portland family photographer that Lisa & Ben choose for their in-home lifestyle family session with their two sons, Connor and Sam.

Not long after people across the U.S. began sheltering at home portrait photographers found a way to continue capturing the lives of their clients. Difficult times can often breed ingenuity. I started seeing many posts highlighting "Front Porch Sessions". They featured people, couples, and families on their front porches as they stayed home to save lives and stay safe from the coronavirus. I thought this was a great idea to capture this historic time! ⁠As I viewed these images, I couldn't help but think a large part of the experience was missing. Since many of us were spending the majority of our time inside of our homes. Even in our regular daily lives, our homes are a centerpiece.⁠

I wanted to capture people inside their homes, so Lisa and her family were the perfect opportunity to highlight life at home in Portland, OR during coronavirus. When I asked Lisa why she wanted to capture her family during this time she said, she wanted to have something to remember this time of trials and great uncertainty. She wanted to remember what is important and how her family has come together to make the most of the time they have.

Families have a lot of time to fill right now, I asked Lisa what her family has been doing to pass the time. "Riding bikes, playing board games, video games, making up songs, telling stories, working out in the garden, watching our favorite movies, playing yard games (corn hole/bocci ball/ croquette), and reading books. We have also taken to writing letters and drawing pictures to mail to our loved ones to give words of encouragement and laughter."

Lisa has been helping out by making masks for friends and neighbors to help keep them safe as people venter out to places like the grocery store.

Many parents are finding themselves in the role of Teacher this year as many school doors remain closed. Lisa shared what it has been like having to home school your kids. "It is a trial of patience. I love my kids but sometimes the battle of wills makes teaching them near impossible. I have decided that some things just aren’t as important as everyone’s happiness and sanity. Letting go of those things has been freeing and brings us closer together."

Right now the world seems upside down and it affects us all in different ways. Lisa opened up about some of the painful parts of the COVID-19 outbreak as well.

"Having no place safe to enjoy nature has been difficult. Not being able to gather to morn the death of my Aunt or celebrate my son’s birthday has been the hardest to deal with. We make due with video chats but nothing compares to the hug of a loved one."

Man is she right, not being able to hug the people I love has been a difficult one for me. But I am so thankful for all the ways we have found to connect. The internet and technology have its many downsides on society, but in a time like this, it has connected us. Without video chatting, picture messaging, and texting, this pandemic would be so much more isolating. But I am optimistic for a time in 2021 with all the hugs we can get!

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