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66th Tea Party Birthday at Lavender Owl Farm | Canby, Oregon

Lesley's 66th Tea Party Birthday

A Traditional English Tea Party

I was so excited when Lesley reached out and asked me to be the Portland event photographer to help her capture her tea party birthday celebration at her venue, Lavender Owl Farm, in Canby, OR.

I thought the idea of a tea party birthday sounded so fun! In fact, it would also be a great idea for a baby shower, bridal shower or Mother's Day celebration. When I asked Lesley what inspired her to plan this for her birthday, she said "It's the British in me! I wanted to share a tradition with my friends".

Lesley found Rosy Lea Tea Company online and it couldn't have been a more perfect match. Julie, like Lesley, is a British born citizen who loves afternoon tea. Julie's website says she grew up with traditional tea foods, savories and sweets for special occasions. She likes to bake them from scratch and offers the same experience in the comfort of your home, office or event venue.

For our party, we were treated to our choice of tea, though we all opted for just the traditional black tea. Julie also brought along her homemade goodies including clotted cream, biscuit, tarts with rose, strawberry cake, sausage rolls and more.

Paula, Lesley's daughter, made the lovely purple cake for the tea party birthday. She actually makes all the small cutting cakes for the weddings and events held at Lavender Owl Farm. Paula says she loves EVERYTHING about her Mom, Lesley. For her birthday she wishes for "...less projects, and more vacations (but we know that'd be boring ;D)".

Ashley met Lesley through her amazing daughter Paula! She said she just loves Lesley's spirit! For her birthday, Ashley wishes "May luck, success, and happiness never leave your side!"

Jackie met Lesley when she was looking for a weekly team to bowl and ended up being put on Lesley's team. They had a ton of fun and became instant friends. When Lesley needed to hire a bookkeeper for the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market, she was able to step in and work for her part-time for a few years. Jackie also worked on Lesley's food truck, On Tots. Jackie loves that "Lesley doesn't sit still for longer than a cup of tea. She's very creative, intelligent, hospitable, classy, and lots of fun!" Her Birthday wishes for Lesley said "My life is richer with cherished memories of fun and laughter with you. Wishing you all the best that life has to offer, this year and always. Love you, girlfriend!!

Melissa met Lesley when she provided flowers for a bride getting married at the Lavender Owl Farm. Lesley and her got to chatting and it turned out they both worked for the same company 20 years prior. They had the same training in coordinating and catering and they just clicked! Melissa says "I adore her and I am so thankful to have met her in 2020!"

After the party, I asked Lesley what her favorite part of the birthday celebration was, she said "Having all my ladies here with me chatting and having fun! It was so much fun I want to do it again in the summer under the gazebo!".


Venue - Lavender Owl Farm (Lazy Dog Saloon)

Tea Service and Decor - Rosy Lea Tea Company

Cake - Paula French

Fascinators (hats) - Amazon

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