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Fun Maternity Photography at the Beautiful Portland Rose Gardens | Oregon

Andrea, Stefan & Liesel

Waiting for Surprise Number Two

I was so excited when Andrea reached out to say a new family maternity photography session was needed because baby number 2 was on the way! Of all the Portland maternity photographers they chose to work with me again for their garden maternity session. I had the good fortune to meet Andrea and her husband Stefan through a dear friend many years ago, before they were married.

We knew right away there would be a few must have images, these would be repeats from their first maternity photography session when they were expecting their first child, Liesel. After all if you do it for one, you have to do it for the other, every parent learns that quickly. 

For this new baby Andrea and Stefan would again wait until the birth to find out the gender. I asked Andrea if their reasons for waiting to be surprised this time, were any different from the first time around.  As I know the first time Stefan took some convincing. This is what she said.....

" It was such an amazing moment for us to learn our daughter was a girl after she was born. We wanted the same experience the second time. And the anticipation was exciting. We knew a baby was coming. Boy or girl didn’t matter. Our daughter was convinced she was going to have a sister. It was an even bigger surprise for her seeing her baby brother in real life. An easier conversation with a two year old than an “imaginary” baby in mommy’s belly. "

I just love the images below of Liesel, from this maternity photography session. Her sweet smile, the purple flowers and her flower t-shirt.  All together, selfishly, this picture reminds me SO much of photos of me as a kid in the mid-eighties.  It's amazing how everything circles back again. And how much we see of ourselves in each new generation.

Families are always welcome to bring a few outfits for their maternity or family photography session. I always love the way Andrea puts her family together, each person is their own but they all look so great together. 

From Andrea's beautiful floral dress, Liesel's lacy shirt, to all the flowers in the garden, floral was a running theme for this family photography session. They selected the International Rose Test Garden for their maternity photography session because of the beautiful scenery.  Though this garden has so much more then scenery to offer, it has so much history as well, I mean the gardens were dedicated in June 1924. That is almost 96 years ago, man if those roses could talk huh? The stories they might tell. There is a small kiosk at the garden where you can read about some of the history, I highly recommend it. Not only because history is interesting but it'a amazing how much more respect you can have for a place when you learn about how it came to be.

You won't find just roses in the garden, they have some truly beautiful hydrangea bushes as well.  They add another pop of color that I just can't help but be drawn to and makes a perfect back drop in these maternity photos.

Maternity Photography Locations: International Rose Test Garden

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